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Learning to play music (21/365)
background music
Image by LifeSupercharger
"Play the music, not the instrument." – Unknown

Day 21: I tend to overthink my shots each day. The more I try to structure my shots, the less enjoyable this project becomes. Because of my finance background, I tend to be very technical in nature. Almost everything has a formula and can be quantified. I’m trying to free my photography of this mechanical tendency of mine, and it’s been a daily struggle. I have read several books on exposure and composition and tried to learn every feature on my camera. The technical nature of photography is the easy part I reckon. I’m not saying I even have that part down, but what eludes me is the "playing the music" part. I’m merely "playing the instrument" right now. However, I’m excited at the prospect of the growth that is occurring (albeit at a snail’s pace) with each passing day.

Change of background
background music
Image by Mark Turner
They changed their ‘The Charlatans’ background thing halfway through, oddly enough at much the same time as the quality of music got significantly improved.

Enhancing Customer Experience – Background Music (BGM)

Enhancing Customer Experience – Background Music (BGM)

In addition to the ambience created by the physical environment of the restaurant, music provides a conducive surrounding for the guests to engage themselves with the music being played, as well as with each other. The waiting time of a diner is perceived to be shorter when music is played in the background. This in turn presents a positive outlook of the restaurant which in turn improves sales. Appropriately selected background music played at the right volume combined with a pleasant atmosphere and a clean environment can turn a stingy cranky customer into a big spender within minutes! The genre of music to be played greatly depends on the nature of the restaurant and the type of people expected, or wanted, during that time of the day.

Now that we are aware that restaurants can benefit, what about retail outlets? A customer queuing at a billing counter in a shop playing music has a different behavioural pattern as compared to a customer queuing in a shop without music. The customers tend to think that they have waited only for a shorter period if the kind of music played is according to their liking. Moreover, they tend to stay longer in the shop and spend more time looking at different products which they might not have bothered in the absence of good background music.

These days various cost-effective music amplifiers are available to the astute business owner wanting an energy-efficient solution to play background music in restaurants, malls, classrooms, factories etc. All you need is a smartphone, mp3 music player or an USB stick that contains the music files to be played. With its light weight, small size and easy installation, a mini amplifier is the perfect way to conceal the equipment from the eyes of customers and install in an area where it is easy to operate and maintain.

In conclusion, every shop owner or manager should at least consider installation of a system that can provide background music. Of course, its not the magic recipe for making a shop turn over more money but in a competitive market a competitive advantage can be hard to come by. Background music might just be that competitive advantage. Needless to say, one should select the music to be played carefully. Moreover, volume levels need to just right, not too loud, not too minute. Get this wrong and your potential customers might not even make it into your shop and instead turn around and make a beeline for your competitors premises.

Homony is a leading manufacturer of commercial audio equipment and PA audio systems. Homony commercial audio systems represent the pinnacle of innovation, inspiring design and advanced technology.

Our product range includes Voice Alarm Systems, Audio Matrix Systems, All in one BGM & Public Address Systems, Management Amplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Ceiling speakers and other commercial audio and PA audio systems.

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Tips in Adding Background Music to Your Website

Tips in Adding Background Music to Your Website

Adding background music to your website is indeed cool and appealing. It does not only attract website visitors, but also gives it a personal touch which sets it apart from your competitors. However, with the advantages that it gives, many website owners also follow this trend making yours no different from the rest. Moreover, it does not also give you a hundred percent assurance that it will appeal to the taste of your visitors, especially to your target market. It does not also give you the same assurance that you’ll actually profit from it. Sure, a website that has background music is attractive, but it also has some drawbacks.

It consumes space and slows down the loading of web pages. If this is so, then it is highly probable that visitors will navigate away from your site. Take note that people nowadays don’t have time and hate to wait. Another thing is, not all visitors will like your music. In fact, some may find it irritating thus making their visit unpleasant. In other words, adding background music will give you the advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It’s not enough that you just add anything there. So to make yours both different and successful, you have to carefully weight all the pros and cons.

And if you do decide to add one to your website, make sure that the scale will tilt on your side. To do this, you must add the right kind of background music. So how are you going to add the right kind? Firstly, know thyself. This means that you have to closely examine the nature of your business. Questions like what kind of business are you engaged in; what kind of products or services do you sell; who are your target customers; and so on must be answered with certainty. For example, you are engaged in selling cosmetic products specially made for teens.

So the nature of your business is selling cosmetic products; your products are cosmetics; and your target customers are female teenagers. With these facts in hand, you now know what kind of background music to add that will appeal to their senses. Of course, teens love modern music. Even if you love songs from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, you should not add them because surely most teens don’t like them. Also, since your target market are not just teens in general but are females, then carefully choose the background music that most female teens love. You can do this by conducting research.

Know what songs make it to the top of the chart. You may also visit forum sites exclusively for teens and find what’s in and what’s not. Secondly, always see to it that the file size of the songs you add is not too big. This will make the loading of pages slow and difficult. Because as pointed out earlier, people hate to wait. Thirdly, be sure that the music you’re using is free-one that you can use without having to worry for law suits because of copyright infringement. Law suits are costly both on your pocket and on your time.

Lastly, don’t also forget to update your background music from time to time because everything changes. What is hot today may no longer be hot tomorrow. It is also nice for frequent website visitors to hear something new. With these things in mind, adding background music to your website will indeed be cool and appealing to your visitors. It will make them coming back to you and eventually buy what you’re selling. It will also give a personal touch to your web site which will set it apart from your competitors.

The author of this article Menno Spijkstra is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful selling products online for many years. Menno is now coaching people how to make real money online through his program This course includes a detailed manual plus 5 products to sell and keep 100% of the profit.

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Background Music For Your Website

Background Music For Your Website

A growing trend in the wondrous world of today’s internet is the addition of a background music track to a websites home page. With the ever-increasing popularity and safety of online shopping, website owners are utilizing the effects that music can bring to a website. The result is, having one more tool working toward winning that conversion rate battle; that being turning visitors into buyers.

Smart website owners spend countless hours optimizing their sites for the search engines, linking, book marking and article marketing, in order to be successful. Driving traffic to a website is an ongoing reality of an internet business. Therefore using all the resources available to keep visitors on the site is essential. Background music is one of those tools.

One of the most important analytic statistics in evaluating how a website is performing is called the “Bounce Rate”, the percentage of visitors who click away from a site without visiting any of the site’s other pages. In short, the longer a visitor spends on a website the greater chance there is for a sale. So it is very important that the design, text, and functionality of a website be attractive and user-friendly.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bob white, a senior account executive with Townsquare Media radio group of Casper, Wyoming. When we began to discuss the subject of adding background music to a website, he gave me a wonderful analogy.

“It seems to me it would work in the same way that music does for a radio station. The music is only there to entertain listeners until the next commercial break, where the real business of radio exists; that of selling commercial time to advertisers. The music or talk shows hold people’s attention, in hopes that they will become customers of our advertisers. Obviously, the radio station format is important, being that the more listeners a station has the higher the rate they can charge for advertising spots. So, in short I can see how having music on a website would hold a visitor there longer in hopes they will become a buyer.”

Once you have decided to include background music on your website, the process is relatively easy. You will need to install a flash player on your Home Page, usually placed in the footer, where an MP3 music file can then be loaded. There are numerous types of flash players available online for free. Many of which have detailed instructions on how to install them. However, if you have used the services of a web design company, you may want to consider consulting them as to which player may be best.

When contemplating what music you want for your site, you may want to think about having music composed exclusively for “your” website. This way you are able to create the exact environment you want your visitors to experience. Also you are assured the background music on your site is the only place that particular piece of music I being used.

Music is a powerful and emotional form of expression, universally understood. The use of music in all its’ forms is a large part of today’s society. Advancements in technology through-out history has brought music form once only being able to be heard at live performances, to being enjoyed through tiny personal listening devices As the internet continues to grow and become an essential part of our world, It only makes good sense to enhance your online store front with music.

Adding background music to your website is one of the easiest ways to enhance your visitor’s experience. Check out to see how easy it is to implement on your website.

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Why Background Music Makes Every Project You Touch Phenomenal!

Why Background Music Makes Every Project You Touch Phenomenal!

So you’ve completed your project whether it be a a film, commercial, educational video, etc. Job well done! Not so fast, your project has background music right? If your answer is no, your missing out on the key element that will change it from mediocre to phenomenal!

Think of background music as the glue that hold it all together. It fits into all those little cracks and crevices and makes everything harmoniously work together. Without it your project runs the risk of falling apart. Nothing is worse than dead air, or that dreaded awkward silence. With the right music your project will be as smooth as silk.

Background music makes your project professional. Nothing shows everybody you truly know what your doing than going the extra mile and putting music in the background. This separates you from the pack and makes you stand out from everybody else.

Music brands you. Some products, commercials or videos we remember just because of the melody. Music hooks people in and leaves a lasting impression on peoples brains that they won’t forget.

It’s inexpensive, you could could buy a couple tracks online and slap them in there. Or if you don’t want to worry about royalty fees you can make it yourself. There’s software that helps you with this process and is really easy to use.

Music is also the universal language. Do you want to cross all barriers with your project? Do you want to market to people all around the globe? You need background music. this is the tool that will attract people of all ethnicity’s to you and your project.

Now I’m sure your project is good as it is, but that’s not good enough. You want everything you put your hands on to be phenomenal in every way. You need the background music to take it to the next level. Make it professional, brand it, and give it universal appeal inexpensively with background music. Make a lasting impression.

Mike Scott is a recognized columnist and producer with over 20 years involvement in background music. He specializes in enlightening people on the impact melodies have on your business. Visit his website and get your free handbook on how to brand yourself with music marketing.

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Background Music For MySpace

Background Music For MySpace

When one wants to personalize and customize their MySpace pages, one might consider enhancing the pages using background music for MySpace so that when one looks at the site, they are able to listen to it. One should be careful to follow the rules set for using it within the MySpace pages. The kind of songs played on MySpace is affected by the terms and conditions set.

One cannot upload any song that is illegally acquired like songs downloaded from illegal sites which do not have copyrights. One has to have the consent of the copyright holder. Sometimes one can buy it legally from online stores or sites like iTunes but they cannot be uploaded at MySpace.

One should avoid using uploaded music as background music for MySpace as their rights might be revoked. In this case, one might have legal music but it is only for listening purposes and not for other purposes. Use featured artist on MySpace to have an excellent background on the profile.

On MySpace, you will be able to select what kind of verses you prefer and also choose from the gifted artists of your choice. There are few hits that are most likely to interest you at MySpace and you will be able to upload them. You have a wide variety from the many genres and the variety of songs to make a great profile for your background music for MySpace. Someone visiting your page will have something to listen to. This will make your profile interesting.

Peter Gitundu Researches And Reports On Myspace. For More Information on Background Music For Myspace, Visit His Site at BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR MYSPACE []. You Can Also Post Your Views About Background Music For Myspace On My Blog Here BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR MYSPACE [].

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New Ideas For Your MySpace Background Music

New Ideas For Your MySpace Background Music

If you update your MySpace profile page religiously, then you must have trouble getting fresh ideas. If you have been thinking about updating the background music, then check out some of the new ideas for your MySpace background music that you can use to further enthrall your profile viewers.

There are millions of songs out there for you to choose from. Choosing a song is not tough, it is just that you will definitely want something that sounds fresh and new to everyone’s ears. After all, there are probably thousands of other MySpace users out there who have the same background music as yours.

It is time to try something new. Background music does not necessarily have to be songs. They can be simple tunes or just rhythm and beats. If you are a percussion lover, then how about recording your own drum solo and upload it is you MySpace background music? If you think that you have an amazing voice, then let your singing voice be the background music. It is good to give your MySpace background music the personal touch.

Talking about rhythms and beats, you will have a hard time finding these kinds of songs if you only depend on the radio for help. These songs however can be easily found if you search for ‘royalty free music’ on Google.

But why bother purchasing royalty free music when you can simply use Bon Jovi’s song? Well, you DO want to be different don’t you? Simply purchase a royalty free music track that is available on the Net and upload it as your MySpace music background. When searching for a royalty free music, don’t expect to see familiar track titles. Royalty free music are songs that you never heard of before. But the cool thing about it is that they sound as good as Bon Jovi’s!

They are not entirely free, but they are definitely worth your money. Let’s think about it. With the same price from iTunes store, you can get one-in-a-million-kind of track that is reusable and editable. As a royalty free music purchaser, you have the license to do anything to it. Hence, you won’t need to worry about getting into trouble with the law as you are not illegally downloading songs and stealing them.

You can also choose to use sound effects, and loop them such that they continue playing without a break or pause. Popular sound effects are like the sound of the rain and thunder, and the swishing sounds of the beach waters. All you need is a sleek audio editing tool to edit the sound effects such that they loop these sound effects infinitely many times.

If you think that royalty free music comes in very limited variety, then you are wrong. They have all sorts of genres, from hip-hop, to classical and even rock. All you need to do is to choose one that suits your MySpace profile theme best and you are good to go. It is time to amaze everyone with that new MySpace background music.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects

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Using Free Background Music For Websites To Increase Your Sales

Using Free Background Music For Websites To Increase Your Sales

To use or not to use? That could be a tricky question for you to answer if you are deciding whether or not to add your favourite track onto your website. You probably heard of free background music that are downloadable and that can be easily used for websites and blogs. Some webmasters are not in favor of adding tracks into their sites because they fear that these large audio files might affect the loading rate of their page. Have you heard about using free background music for websites to increase your sales?

If there are webmasters that worry too much about pages that take ages to load due to large music files, than maybe it’s time they should stop worrying. This is because previously, there are only 2 main audio files that are commonly used for music playing purposes. They are WAV files and Mp3 files. These files are very popular but the only problem is that they can be pretty huge to be used in a website.

So for the solution, they have came out with a new type of audio file. These pre-made flash loops are very small in size and at the same time it is able to play extremely good music quality. They also come in all genres. From hip hop to classical to rock, all these genres are available for you to use as background music in websites.

But why is it that using free background music for websites will help to increase your sales.

First things first, there are reasons why some webmasters prefer to add songs or sound effects into their site. Background music that are used for the website actually helps to give the company identity. If you have some fast paced song playing at the opening of the websites, then chances are the visitors will get the impression that your company is one that is full of vigour and life. Just remember not to blast head banging music into you visitor’s ears!

Secondly, the reason why background music is usually used is because it helps to make the visitors relax and make their surfing experience at your site an enjoyable one.

You might have the state of the art website interface, but if you want to give it the extra oomph, just add a small audio file and enchant the visitors.

If you are thinking of where exactly to get these free background music, just do a Google search and you will be surprised at the list of sites that have free music ready for you. But beware. Do remember that regardless of what, you are not suppose to ‘steal’ tracks from any website.

To keep it on the safe side, use royalty free music tracks that can be easily downloadable from the Net. Royalty free music tracks are tracks that can be used anytime and anywhere as you like it. It has limitless usage so use it as many times as possible without getting in trouble with the law! Since you are the purchaser, you have the license to do so.

Since you are using it at background music, learn how you can loop sound effects like wind, rain such that the sound effects play continuously without a break or pause.

Interesting isn’t it? Try it, and your visitors will definitely find their web surfing experience an enjoyable one.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects and music at his website today. Click Here to get your FREE royalty free music sample.

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Reasons For Using Website Background Music

Reasons For Using Website Background Music

Are you setting a new website for your product but don’t know if you should include songs in it? Well, here are some of the reasons for using website background music:

When you use website background music, it helps to create a friendly shopping environment and relaxes your visitors. Well, this of course is only made possible when you have slow and enchanting music playing instead of those head banging ones.

Music in flash elements that are embedded in websites are very cool tools that could be used to create an interactive experience for the website visitor. Did you know that the kind of background music that is used actually helps with the company branding?

If you choose a fast paced song that is full of impact, then chances are your visitors will get the idea that your company is lively and full of vigor.

Flash music loops, website background music, streaming royalty free music are just some of the few kinds of media forms that you can embed in your website. Embedding them in your website will help you to stand out of the crowd and your website is no longer a commoner.

When you are creating a website for your product, most of the money would be spent on setting up the website and because of this, you would not want to spend too much money on choosing the right kind of background music to go in your website.

This calls for the use of royalty free music. Royalty free music are not copyrighted music, unlike the ones that you hear from the radio. For example, Madonna’s songs are copyrighted so there is no way you are able to use them, unless you buy the license. This however is not the ideal method as getting license can cost you a bomb.

So instead of spending money unnecessarily, go for royalty free music instead. Royalty free music is not like any other music that you buy. Royalty free music can be used over and over again with no limit. As a purchaser, you have every right to use these royalty free tracks in videos and websites, without the need to worry about infringing the legal rights law.

So, all you simply need to do is to do a Google search and find out some of the links that offer royalty free music downloads. Purchase them and download them into your computer.

Upon doing so, you can edit them, mix and match them with other tracks to that it gives you the desired effect. Music loops are particularly popular in websites and blogs, so choose a song that sounds light and easy to the ears. Don’t get the music blasting into your visitor’s ears!

Most web developers are not in favor of adding background music into their sites simply because they fear of large audio files that might slow down the rate of the page loading. Well, now you no longer need to worry because there are new media files in the market. These files are called pre-made Flash music loops. These file types are very small and they have great sound quality too.

Adding background music into your website is no longer a problem! Do try them.

Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at Be sure to download free sound effects and music at his website today. Click Here to get your FREE royalty free music sample.

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Background Music Adding Fervor to the Mundane

Background Music Adding Fervor to the Mundane

Music was previously primarily associated with pleasure. It was considered the medium of pleasure to be enjoyed in leisure. However the dynamic world has brought about a change in that definition of music. It has now become a two-way traffic, on one hand it still continues to the passion of respective individuals and on the other hand it has turned out to be a viable source of earning fund and fame. The music licensing companies play quite an integral role in the process. The music industry in fact has become an interface between art and business. The background music also helps in the process of commercializing the otherwise mundane on goings.

The music licensing companies play a very important role in the process of safeguarding the interests of the composers of music piece. They take care of the fact that the music originally created by the respective composer remains his or her and is not unfairly stolen by some mercenary individual looking to make quick money at the cost of someone else’s talent. The music licensing companies license the music in the name of the composers and enable the composer to own the legal rights to his or her own music piece. This makes it difficult to steal the compositions of other composers. The reason is very clear that by doing so the individual himself or herself will land up in deep trouble legally. Once a music composition is licensed anybody seeking to use the respective music piece needs to have the permission of the concerned owner of the rights.

The background music on the other hand explores another aspect of music composition. The composition involved need not necessarily always be of words, it can also be instrumental music composed pertaining to the respective occasion at hand. The background music is applicable to all occasions, whether be it a professional party organized for specific reasons or a personal party to celebrate an occasion. It can be applicable in games, live shows, performances, television shows and even films. The usage of this type of music is primarily done in order to accentuate the impact of the situation or occasion. Therefore the music played in the background is not there just for any reason; rather it is there for a very specific reason.

The background music also has the privilege of being licensed by the music licensing companies. In fact it is also required as the escalating demands of the music to be played in the background have led to the increase of such fraudulent activities as well. Only with proper legal security of the compositions can a composer be absolutely assured of his or her rights.

Therefore the music licensing companies play an indispensable role as far as the smooth and fair execution of the music industry is concerned. The music industry has in every era produced talents worth millions and therefore to encourage more and more talents to come up and grace the industry a fair play must be ensured. The background music is fast gaining popularity and is quite a challenge to compose. Therefore only proper remuneration and respect will attract the talented ones to come forth and enrich the musical experience.

Daina Smith is a music lover. She has good knowledge on music licensing companies. For more information on background music she recommends to visit

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