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Music Keeps Me Going – Global Sound

A few nice music images I found:

Music Keeps Me Going
Image by JFXie

I used to be known for playing violin well. Defined only by the seat I sat in Orchestra. I hated that. It made me overestimate myself. And in the end, I only got worse. That’s why there’s something beautiful about nature photography. I have to capture the truth. I know that I can’t over-edit a picture to make it something that it’s not. A sunset is a sunset. A rose is a rose. The beauty that it presents is the beauty that I choose to capture. I try not to make it anything more.

But sometimes creativity gets the best of me.

Wow. That was deep.

Moving on to a lighter mood…SO we’ve been trapping mice this week. 9 in 2 days. What a…catch. Anyway, my dad dropped two into a new trash bag in the kitchen. And Mom is all freaked out by them and tells my dad, “Get this garbage out of here. I can’t stand these two dead mice staring at me…they’re making me guilty!”



P.S. Make that 10 mice. IT’S SO SAD! 🙁 It was still moving!! I don’t think I can handle this…

Miami – Ultra Music Festival
Image by Krug6
Ultra Music Festival…amazing!!
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