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monitoring and recording mixer – Global Sound

Some cool Soundcraft Mixers images:

monitoring and recording mixer
Soundcraft Mixers
Image by [email protected]
soundcraft mixer which is connected to the main outputs of the larger Behringer. This feeds monitor amp and Tascam recorder (this device has combined mic/line preamp which is very sensitive and overloads on a normal RCA output, so the main output of the mixer is used to keep the level correct.

The monitor output is used to feed the amp and speakers. that way adjusting the monitor level can be used to regulate the speaker volume without upsetting levels for recording or transmission to streaming (those come direct from the Behringer soundcard inthe main mixer)

Soundcraft Mixers
Image by allert
venue: Salzhaus, Winterthur (ch)
client: T.raumschmiere

Audio XL
Soundcraft Mixers
Image by allert
Audio XL did a presentation in Tivoli. JBL vertec Line arrays, soundcraft mixers etc.