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Crown I-Tech I-T4000 And Crown I-Tech I-T6000: The I-Tech Series At 125th AES 2008 – Global Sound

Global Sound –

Without even getting into its power or its front panel and menu features, the crowning achievement of Crown’s I-Tech series, featuring the Crown I-T4000 and the Crown I-T6000, is that its able to reach across party lines and bring digital and analog together. In fact, in a live setting where a failure on either end could really cause disaster, analog and digital even have each other’s backs, making sure that the I-Tech series amps run like well oiled machines.

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  • Never had this issue and I have a few of them, with over 4000 hours and counting
    some older ones have issues with the ribbon cable but harman will fix that for you for free.


    September 3, 2012

  • Ill tell U something about the ITech 8000, Nice lookin amp and it kicks ass IF you can keep it running, there are issues with them where they just shut off (no audio) it stays powered up tho, Ive sent it to crown 3 times and they say no issues found. I NEVER clip the amp NEVER mis use it, it just does what it wants to when it wants to…. STICK with the Macro Techs cus they work!


    September 3, 2012

  • does these itech have a better bass response than the macrotech i next to them?


    September 3, 2012