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The new Bose Panaray MA12EX Modular Line Array speaker

Clear talk and music reproduction over the entire frequency range – for indoor and outdoor

Bose MA 12 Panaray

Bose expands the Panaray ® MA12 loudspeaker family with the new Panaray ® MA12EX Modular Line Array speaker. This provides engineers and suppliers of sound systems now an even wider range of solutions for acoustically demanding situations, both indoors and outdoors are available. The speaker provides a clear and intelligible voice reproduction and natural sound without additional bass boost.

In the new Panaray Speaker MA12EX work twelve weatherproof 2.25 “high-excursion drivers that have an accurate music reproduction over an extended frequency range. For the first time in a MA12 speaker Bose ® Articulated Array Loudspeaker Technology is used, which ensures that each driver is accurately aligned, and so even at higher frequencies a broad, balanced sound for every listener is created – in the front as well like in the back rows, and even next to the stage.

With its elegant and very sleek design, the speaker fits seamlessly into almost any architecture. And thanks to its weatherproof housing, it is for a variety of applications suited – both indoors and outdoors, in churches, parks, auditoriums, railway stations and airports, patios, shopping centers, restaurants, conference facilities, sports stadiums and multi-purpose buildings.


SKB Cases 1SKB-5009BL ATA Case for Bose L1 Models 1 & 2 Speakers (1SKB5009BL):


System 1 (Delivered, Set-Up, Picked Up)

  • Suits up to 75 people for speech,  dance music and light live music such as a solo or duet.
  • 2 x Bose Panaray 302A speakers (100 watts each).
  • 1 x Bose Panaray MB4 sub speaker (200 watts).
  • 1 x Bose 1600VI amplifier (240 watts per side).
  • 1 x Roland M10-DX digital mixer OR Soundcraft M8.
  • 1 x DBX Processor.
  • 1 x Shure SM58 corded microphone.
  • 2 x Speaker stands.
  • 1 x Microphone stand.
  • 1 x CD/DVD player.
  • Delivery, set-up and instruction by an experienced, friendly, technician.
  • Operator option includes first 4 hours.

System 2 (Delivered, Set-Up, Picked-Up)

  • Suits 50 to 250 people for speech,  dance music and soloists or duets.
  • 2 x Bose Panaray 802 speakers (240 watts each).
  • 1 x Bose Panaray MB4 sub speaker (200 watts).
  • 1 x Bose 1600VI amplifier (240 watts per side).
  • 1 x Soundcraft M8 12 channel mixer.
  • 1 x DBX Processor.
  • 1 x Yamaha SPX90 reverb
  • 1 x Shure SM58 corded microphone.
  • 2 x Speaker stands.
  • 1 x Microphone stand.
  • 1 x CD/DVD player.
  • Operator included for first 4 hours.

System 3 (Delivered, Set-Up, Picked-Up)

  • Full band system for up to 200 people – 900 watts.
  • 2 x Bose Panaray 802 speakers (250 watts each).
  • 1 x Bose Panaray MB12 sub speaker (400 watts)
  • 1 x Bose 1600VI amplifier (240 watts per side).
  • 1 x Bose 1800VI amplifier (450 watts per side)
  • 4 x Bose 302A as foldback
  • 1 x Soundcraft M8 12 channel mixer.
  • 1 x DBX Processor.
  • 1 x Yamaha SPX90 reverb
  • 3 x Shure SM58 corded microphone.
  • 1x 20 way 30m multicore
  • 2 x Speaker stands.
  • 3 x Microphone stands.
  • 1 x CD/DVD player.
  • Operator included for first 4 hours.

Bose L1 Model II Double Bass with ToneMatch Audio Engine

Bose L1 Model II Double Bass with ToneMatch Audio EngineBose L1 Model II Double Bass with ToneMatch Audio Engine

The L1 Model II Double Bass package with ToneMatch from Bose is great for bands and venues that require something that can handle small to mid-sized areas. Great for use as a bass guitar amplifier, and for kick drums and DJs. This sleek system is lightweight, fits easily into a car trunk, and takes just a few minutes to set up. Sound coverage is nearly 180 degrees, making this a perfect choice for wide rooms such as sanctuaries.

The L1 Model II Double Bass with ToneMatch provides wide coverage, smooth tonal balance and a suite of studio-class effects and tone-shaping tools. And it’s packed with proprietary Bose technologies designed to improve your amplified sound. The premier Bose L1 loudspeaker system for musicians – with our smoothest, most consistent sound coverage and most powerful tone-shaping tools.

Bose L1 Model II with ToneMatch Demo Videos
Click any of the video links on the left, then click Play to access the L1 Model II with ToneMatch demos

L1 Model II Double Bass with ToneMatch Features:

  • Spatial Dispersion and Articulated Array speaker technologies
  • Single-input power stand with retractable legs
  • Four-channel ToneMatch audio engine with studio-class effects
  • Two B1 bass module
  • Integrated power amplifiers in the power stand
  • Analog input, trim control and signal/clip LED for line-level analog input via 1/4 inch TRS phone cable
  • Automatically adjusts equalization appropriately when bass modules are connected

Combining the T1 ToneMatch audio engine with your L1 concert speakers gives you exceptional amplified tone and sound processing capabilities. The compact, four-channel engine provides fingertip control of our largest library of ToneMatch presets. Just touch a button to make hundreds of precise refinements to the sound of instruments and microphones.Powerful multichannel audio engine

The engine also features a complete suite of studio-class reverbs, additional effects and dynamics processing. It connects to the L1 Model II system via a single digital cable for quick, streamlined setup.

Deep bass from small enclosures

Bose L1 Model II systems come with two B1 bass module to ensure more accurate amplification of lower notes. Highly efficient speaker design features two 5.25 inch (13.3 cm), high-output, high-excursion drivers that produce deep, strong bass from a small enclosure. When connected to power stand, active equalization circuitry automatically adjusts bass signal appropriately. (The single bass package is recommended for use for most instruments and vocalists. item # BOE L1MIISBPT1)

B1 bass modules are considerably lighter and smaller than conventional bass bins required for the same performance. Power up to two bass modules on a single power stand. (Add two more bass modules to the system with an optional PackLite® extended bass package. item # BOE EXTBASSPK)

Light and easy

The L1 Model II power stand weighs only 24 pounds, and its four retractable legs make it very easy to transport and set up. The power stand also has a simplified control section; the single line-level input can be used with instruments, mics, mixers, laptops, MP3 players or DVD systems.

All of the system’s components are also built to handle the road. The loudspeaker has a rugged, reinforced grille, and each package includes padded carrying bags for major components.

ToneMatch Audio Engine
Five reverb types (small, medium, large, plate and cavern) available for global assignment, with individual channel controls for decay time, mix level and brightness.ToneMatch Features:

  • Three delay types (analog, digital and tape) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over feedback time and mix level for each channel.
  • Ten modulation effects (three chorus types, two flange types, four phaser types and one vintage tremolo effect) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over designated parameters for each channel.
  • Seven dynamics processing types (three compressors, limiter, de-esser, kick gate and noise gate) can be assigned to independent channels.
  • Chromatic tuner for convenient tuning of instruments.
  • Large backlit display with intuitive layout and easy-to-read text for modes and settings.Rotary encoder for quick access to modes, effects and parameters, including ToneMatch presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, reverbs, delays, modulators, dynamics processing, scenes and tuner.
  • Aux mode (channels 1 – 3) send channels’ dry, pre-fader or post-fader audio to aux output for connection to additional L1 systems or recording devices. Independent level controls for optimal signal output.
  • Channel volume, mute and FX mute (1 – 4/5) for adjusting individual channel volume, muting individual channels and muting all effects on selected channels.
  • Phantom power applies +48V power to input channels 1 – 3 to drive specific microphones.
  • Mounting bar and carriage for securely attaching ToneMatch audio engine to L1 Model I or Model II loudspeaker.
  • Cover and carrying case help protect engine when storing and transporting.

Proprietary zEQ automatically adjusts the range of tone controls to match your voice or instrument, making it easier to fine tune your sound. Conventional mixers may have fixed EQ ranges that don’t accurately affect desired frequencies when adjusted. But zEQ appropriately redefines low, mid and high frequency ranges of specified sources. Single-band ParaEQ centers on frequency you specify for each independent channel. Valuable tool for reshaping problematic frequencies in certain venues.

Scenes allow you to store, recall and edit snapshots of all key ToneMatch audio engine settings at any given time. This feature helps simplify setup when you’re using an L1 system repeatedly in different venues. The engine includes five predefined Bose scenes, five My scenes and five Shared scenes you can give to other L1 owners.

What’s In The Box?

  • L1 Model II power stand and cord
  • Power stand carrying bag
  • L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker (top and bottom)
  • Loudspeaker carrying bags
  • B1 Bass Module and Cable
  • Bass module slip cover
  • T1 ToneMatch audio engine and cable
  • ToneMatch engine protective cover and carrying bag
  • ToneMatch engine mounting bar and carriage


Bose L1 Model I System Double Bass Package

Bose L1 Model I System Double Bass Package

Bose L1 Model I Features

  • Recommended for DJs and lower-range instruments
  • Bose Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology
  • Four inputs, two with ToneMatch® presets
  • Four-channel mixer
  • Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker
  • Integrated power amplifiers
  • Channel inserts/effects loops
  • Bass module and Bass line out
  • Digital data in/out
  • R1 remote input
  • Two B1 bass modules included
  • Unique, all-in-one system

Bose’ L1 Model I PA projects clean, detailed sound evenly across the stage and throughout an audience of up to several hundred, with little change in tone or volume while producing a smooth, consistent tone, whether you’re in front of the loudspeaker or off to the side. The L1 System eliminates the need for monitors, mixers or complicated PAs and reduces unwanted room reverberation. The innovative L1 Model I Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker allows for wide, uniform coverage throughout an entire room thanks to the line array of 24 small drivers mounted into a vertical enclosure. The coverage area is nearly 180 degrees which is very broad in comparison to conventional stage speakers where volume and tone diminish very slowly over distance.

[The] … sound radiates and fills the room in a way far more natural than
a typical loudspeaker… it’s a real breakthrough in amplified sound. …

-Guitar World Magazine; 4/04/09

The loudspeaker’s wedge-shaped dispersion pattern sends very little audio up or down, preventing much of the room reverberation that can muddy your sound. Unlike traditional amplification setups, a Bose L1 system lets you, your fellow musicians and the audience hear the same sound. You don’t need any other stage monitors, mixers or PA speakers. Your L1 system replaces them all with one sleek, powerful setup.

Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker
Utilizing 24 small drivers mounted into a slim, vertical enclosure to create nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage, the Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker has very little dropoff in volume and tone. Loudspeaker’s two-piece, interlocking design makes for quick and easy setup, breakdown and transport.

Integrated power amplifiers
Mounted in the power stand, the integrated power amps deliver clean, precise amplification for L1 Model I loudspeaker and the two B1 included bass modules.

Versatile Inputs and Outputs


Versatile Inputs and Outputs              Click for Larger The inputs and outputs at the base of the Bose L1 Model I Portable PA System allows for several options for stage use from its XLR-1/4 inch combo jack and standard 1/4 inch inserts along side XLR line Oututs for Chaining additional L1 model PA Systems.

ToneMatch Presets
Proprietary ToneMatch® presets on channels 1 and 2 optimize L1 system to match intended natural sound of specific instruments and microphones on channels 1 and 2.

Channel inserts/effects loops
Add external effect with ease! Just connect external effects and processors to channels 1 and 2 via 1/4 inch TRS line input/output jack. Use a stereo plug to connect the send and return signals with one cord.

Bass module out
Connect the included B1 Module (and a second optional B1) to the amplified bass output and the L1 system automatically adjusts equalization appropriately when a bass module is connected.

Bass line out
Connect a 1/4 inch TRS phone cable and connect your own powered subwoofer, additional amplifiers or one of Bose® own PackLite® amplifiers that allow you to connect up to two additional B1 bass modules.

Digital Data In/Out
Use the Digital out to send a digital mix of channels 1 and 2 to external recording gear at 48KHz sample rate, the Digital data input allows you to update product firmware and ToneMatch presets.

R1 Remote
The included R1 Remote makes it easy to control your L1 system from a distance if when necessary. The R1 provides tone controls that provide 12 dB cut or boost to the high, mid and low frequencies on channels 1 and 2, level controls with signal/overload LEDs that show green/red signal status to help you set proper gain levels and use the Master level to adjust volume of all four input channels simultaneously.

Bass module
Compact, lightweight enclosure is easy to transport, set up and break down. Small footprint takes up considerably less space than traditional bass cabs required for same performance. Interlocking feet let you securely stack up to four modules together on their sides.

Highly efficient speaker design features two 5.25 inch (13.3 cm), high-output, high-excursion drivers that produce deep, strong bass from a small enclosure. When connected to power stand, active equalization circuitry automatically adjusts bass signal appropriately.

What’s in the Box?

  • L1 Model I power stand and carrying bag
  • L1 Model I Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker and carrying bag
  • Two B1 Bass modules with cables and slip covers
  • Power stand cord, spare fuse and protective plug
  • R1 remote and cable